Donation to Essex Area Food Bank

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Essex Area Food Bank
Box 3 Essex, Ontario N8M 2Y1
Phone 519 800- 2340
Charity #86732 2547 RR0001E

Knight of Columbus Council 4555
Box 102
Woodslee, Ontario, N0R 1V0
May 20, 2021

Dear Friends,

It was our pleasure to accept your wonderful donation.

With these donations, we are able to stock the food bank with essential foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, margarine as well as dry goods, such as pasta and sauce, soup, and vegetables. We are very excited to provide meat to our clients such as ham, sausage, chicken and ground beef. This makes our food bank exceptional and a very desirable place to come. We do have expenses for our rent and utilities and for our truck. We are all volunteers at the Essex Area Food Bank and do not have any salaries. We are grateful that we are able to provide our clients with 4 days of food to help them through the month.


The Essex Area Food Bank.

“no person shall go hungry, and no child go without” Eileen Clifford, Founder